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Vegas, Baby!

In the morning we packed up and continued to head west.

The drive to Vegas again was just magical. The views out any window were just majestic and awe inspiring. It was only 2.5 hours from Moab to the city of lights.

LVM is a beautiful and luxurious RV resort. Like Pelican Lakes in Naples, FL, many of the folks there own their own lots and beautify them to their liking. We were lucky to get a large lot with lots of green grass and landscaping.

It was just too hot to really take in the pickleball courts and pool area, but they were kept up very well and we would like to revisit one day.

We did get dolled up for our night out at Michaeals Restaurant. Most of the staff at this iconic restaurant have been with the owner Michael Gaughn for more than twenty years, some over thirty. It’s an old school, indulgent steak house that has kept up with the proper ways of the Rat Pack days in Vegas.

We kicked off our visit with hand-shaken martinis at the bar, then to our table for four in the luxurious high-backed red velvet chairs. The steaks and sides were as impressive as we had remembered from our visits years ago. Each meal ends with fresh dipped-chocolate fruits -- a bowl overflowing with delectable, fresh fruit and homemade chocolate cordials.

It was the perfect dining experience, and one that Mike and I didn’t know if we could ever experience again… So we enjoyed every bite!

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