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The thrill of the race - it's about what you hear as much as what you see! The roar of the engine and the crowd.  It takes something special to capture it all with earnest enthusiasm. 


Angie Skinner is the race fan other race fans LOVE. Initially known as “Mike Skinner’s wife,” Angie climbed off the pit box and walked into the radio booth where she quickly became a household name among the NASCAR fan base. Joining the SiriusXM NASCAR Radio family, Angie spent four years co-hosting the network’s afternoon drive program, Sirius Speedway, before joining her husband Mike to cohost Skinner Round-Up. Her voice is distinctly and immediately recognized by NASCAR and motorsports enthusiasts around the globe. 

Behind the wheel or behind the mic, Mike Skinner is a reputable racecar driver known for his determination, dependability, candor and technical expertise. He made a name for himself as the inaugural NASCAR Truck Series champion, and after 569 starts across NASCAR’s top-three series, he’s known by motorsports fans worldwide. As Mike’s racing schedule calms down, his career behind the mic continues to heat up.


And working with Mike and Angie Skinner together? Well, that’s like setting yourself up for the picture-perfect side-by-side finish on the track. Marrying together Angie’s media expertise and Mike’s mechanical knowledge becomes the perfect recipe for success within both the voiceover and automotive realms.