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The American

Yes... he did that show....for one season..... and then.. The American went away.

What Skinner thought could be great retirement gig and way to drive the some of the best sports cars in the world...turned into a semi nightmare. Lets just say.... he knew it was supposed to be a character....and we were told it would be developed....but NONE of the above came to fruition. It seemed more of a mockery of NASCAR drivers and American racers - the helmet making him look very fat, the obnoxious fire suit with fake sponsors portraying the US as dumb.... you get the drift.

When Amazon purchased the Grand Tour ( remember Top Gear? ) The American was the answer to The Stig ( which rights still owned by the BBC and Top Gear ) The creation team for TGT decided it would be funny to hire a former NASCAR driver who hated all things British and European... grumbly.. to the point and obnoxious. Mike was excited to give it the old attempt - but what was promised just didn't happen and unfortunately Skinner never got the time to develop what could have been a fun addition to the show... Oh Well... he really doesn't not enjoy flying overseas - and he really didn't enjoy visiting Paris - so ......... ( but... he says those cars were BAD ASS! )

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