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"...and Mike Skinner WINS in Kansas!"

Saturday August 12

We voted that Kansas City would be our next stop!

Yes, there are a ton of RV parks in the area, but why not stop at Kansas Speedway? I mean, when you’re a NASCAR Truck Series Champion, and the last time you visited the track you WON the race… Why not take your travel friends and brag a little?!

We pulled into the empty track with a security escort and laughed that we were literally the only people staying in the mile and half infield.

It was HOT.

Too hot to cook out. So, we headed over to the Final Cut Steakhouse that overlooks the speedway for some Kansas City strips. By the time we were done with dinner, the sun had set and the track had a nice glow over the grandstands. What a fun way to enjoy our final-final cocktails and a cigar for Skinner. Mike shared his memory of winning the truck race in 2009, and we all went to bed with visions of checkered flags in our heads!

Thank you, Kansas Speedway, for a fun trip down memory lane and a safe and gorgeous spot to camp for the night!

Watch for the upcoming Skinner & Geese Fly West Adventures on RV Round-Up... coming this fall! Click here to subscribe here!

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