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Home, Sweet, Home! And Kudos to RV Life App for Getting Us There!

Tuesday August 15

Back to Mountain Falls, Baby!

Time to park, unload, and relax for the end of summer and fall!

One last shoutout to RV Life App — it is still my favorite trip planner app and makes these ‘out west’ trips so much easier!!

A couple notes about it…

I finally discovered the amazing route planner on RV Life app – USE this! It was so easy to figure out where we wanted to go. You can easily delete and add stops, as well as find RV Parks to book. It allows you to estimate the miles and expenses of your RV adventure, too, as another added benefit!

Below is the map of our trip, all planned out on the RV Life app ⤵️

We did have some issues with the navigation on this trip. It would want to continue to re-route and tried to take us on some strange routes to get back on an interstate, when the interstate was just ahead. Just an FYI, and advice to use common sense if you feel the nav is not having a good day!

In the weeks since we've gotten back, I tried deleting & reinstalling the app to see if that helped with the glitch. I also found that installing their suggested updates have helped quite a bit, so I've started to do that now and recommend the same to anyone else using the app!

Watch for the upcoming Skinner & Geese Fly West Adventures on RV Round-Up... coming this fall! Click here to subscribe here!

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