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Right Turn Clyde

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Our heart belongs to our rescue Dobermans. We’re the proud paw-rents of Ella and Clyde, but our passion for these pups runs deep. We’ve rescued a few special Dobermans over the years and love them all like our kids. Clyde is our newest addition to the family and came from Dobie Ranch Rescue in Crystal River, FL - Please rescue folks!!!!! Oh...and yep... Clydes' name came from the Every Which Way But Loose Movie staring Clint Eastwood - Angie wanted a friendly and fun name for her lil flurry man.... occasionally we call him Kramer from Seinfeld - when he slams in and out of the doggie door announcing his presence daily! Our lil girl Ella Bella name came from Angie's desire to have a lil girl one day and name her Ella. She's perfect.

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