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Strings & Strums

If only Skinner could have been a rock star - Mike was gifted a guitar from Brooks and Dunn back in 1999. It was supposed to be a trophy guitar that you just hang on the wall autographed by his country singing duo - But Skinner decided he wanted to learn to play. And he did....kinda.

Actually - Skinner would take 30 minutes prior to every race and just play his guitar to mentally prepare for a race. Now he entertains his friends after a few cocktails..... and can actually play more than three chords thanks to his buddies in the music industry that always help his playing efforts! Stacy Mitchhart and Tim Dugger are VERY patient! Probably one of the best stories occurred while visiting Big Kenny of Big and Rich. He invited the Skinners to his home in Nashville to listen to his new album - when Angie told Kenny that Skinner could play and Big and Rich song.... Big Kenny grabbed his guitar off the wall and handed it to the Gunslinger and said PLAY! Mike started strumming and singing to Kick My Ass.... Big Kenny and his wife loved it...even took a video.... and Big Kenny started to sing along. They were very gracious! LOL

Music has always been a passion and stress reliever for us. Mike started playing guitar as a way to relax during race weekends, while Angie has been playing the piano since her childhood. If we aren’t playing music ourselves, then we’re listening to it. Not to mention we're worked with a lot of recording artists over the years and we've had loads of talent musicians join us as guests on the Skinner Round-up.

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