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C’ya, Cheyenne

Wednesday, August 2

We originally booked Curt Gowdy for two nights so we could get in a full day of adventure in Cheyenne. I wish we would have stayed longer in Estes Park and skipped the Cheyenne expedition—there really is not much to do there, especially once the rodeo is gone. Remember, we missed it by one night… darn it!

Emma and I elected to hike the trails and lake front of Curt Gowdy State Park, which was wonderful. It was much needed exercise for both us girls and our dogs! There were also many campers out on the lake kayaking and paddle boarding which made me wish I had one to navigate the lake.

We did make it into downtown Cheyenne for a little Western shopping and a steak dinner. Again, it was just an okay stop… I wouldn’t do it again. If Curt Gowdy State Park is on the way, I’d just stop there for a pit stop enroute to wherever I’m headed.

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