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Creede In A Day!

Friday July 28, 2023

We had one full day to tour around and enjoy what Creede had to offer, so we selected to rent a side-by-side (SxS) from Creede ATV. The company is owned by Shane and his wife; they also own the Snowshoe Lodge, which is located right in town. We made the right decision!

Goose cooked up the best breakfast sandwiches and we took some time to just chill in the morning before packing up our coolers and a picnic to tackle Bachelor Loop on the SxS. Shane laid out the whole adventure for us… he did a great job marking our maps on the suggested trail for a half-day adventure.

Immediately on the SxS adventure, you see the remnants of the once booming silver mine from the late 1800’s. Even just as you’re starting out, the beauty is just breathtaking as you climb onto the loop trail. We climbed to nearly 13,000 feet to the most majestic view of the mountains—and even though it was late July, a little snow remained at that elevation!

Spotting Moose is one of the MUSTS while on Bachelor Loop. We spotted over 5 giant Moose taking in the sunny afternoon, and giant deer, too… they get BIG in this part of the country!

On the way back down, we opted to stop at a serene meadow that I spotted before our big climb up the switchback trial. That became our lunch stop. I could have sat there for hours listening to the creek gurgle!

I understand what all the fuss about ATVing is now.

We did make the pit stop to check out Last Chance Mine, which is one of the only mines that you can tour. You can actually walk a mile in, but we did not do that! The next tour was still 45 minutes away and we needed to head back to let the doggies out, but the next time we’re in Creede, we will return and make time for the tour! It’s also the only mine you can take your dogs into! Oh, Clyde!! Even without the tour, the Last Chance Mine was still worth the quick stop for the views, history and museum.

Downtown Creede is very small and very charming. Just a handful of mercantile-style shops and the very impressive Creede Olive Oil Company. I walked out with a bag full of new balsamic vinegars and a small cocktail book of new concoctions to start mixing. There were a handful of restaurants, too, and all looked very inviting!

For our final evening in Creede, we another casual fajitas cookout back at the RV Park. I also showed off my new Creede Olive Oil cocktail called the Creed-a-Rita made with their local Jalapeno Cucumber balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

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