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Headed to Moab?

Our original plans were to find someplace to boon dock after Ouray. We had 2 nights to get to Zion River RV Resort. Hmmm…. How did I mess that up? 2 nights? Oh… I wanted to see if we could stay an extra night in Ouray, but ended up failing that mission. The owners did allow us for a later departure so we could enjoy a little hiking prior leaving.

When requesting for good routes to take and a place to stop – my dang friends kept sending us the wrong direction. ( LOL ) I finally looked at the atlas and realized Moab was only 3 hours from Ouray. I gave Portal RV a call and secured 2 premium lots for 2 nights! Yes!!! I get to see National Arches Park now. We had scrubbed Moab in prior planning because friends warned it would be steaming hot. Well, yes, it is the desert in June, but get up early and sit inside in the afternoons.

Trying to find the best, RV-friendly route to Moab from Ouray was a quick meeting between Tom and I. We like to call ourselves “The Navigators” on this tour. Mike and Laura had already formed their “Driver's Club," so it was fitting that Tom and I formed our own union. We selected taking the less curvy route and avoided the switchbacks of the Million Dollar Highway. It was very RV friendly, with exception to a few hair-raising tight turns going thru some canyons.

Again, majestic views the entire route that keep you busy admiring what America has to offer.

We drove 550 to 62 The San Juan Skyway, then onto 90 and 191 into Moab. Breathtaking.

Once in Moab we easily found the Portal RV Resort. Premium parking spots in a new section of the park. Still some dirt where it is not fully developed, but nice concrete pads, manicured gravel in between and sturdy picnic tables, as well as dedicated concrete slab for parking your tow vehicle. We had a nice view of the Moab vistas and a cute little spring-fed pond, complete with a mama duck and her babies.

We decided we should have a nice cookout our first night in the park.

One reason…. They very boldly tell you NO Dobermans OR Doberman-mixes.

Yep, I am a bad girl. I signed a form saying I didn’t have a Doberman mix, and quickly looked up breeds that could pass for my floppy-earred rescue babies. Manchester Terriers. They would be Manchester Terriers for the next 2 nights, or until we got escorted out -- whichever came first.

Tom set our picnic table with cloth linens , and Laura fired up the grill. Steaks tonight!

The evening was very cool and enjoyable once the sun started to set.

Since we only had one full day in Moab, I researched the best way to see Arches National Park. Best advice was go EARLY. 6:30am wake up call, cup of coffee, and we were headed to the park by 7:25am. It’s only 3.8 miles from Portal RV. We drove right in!

So glad we stopped in Moab, because this park is amazing just riding in a car. We did find The Windows parking lot, and got out to hike the various arches in this area.

Then we drove to the Delicate Arch look out point, and elected to skip the 2-mile hike to see it up close and personal. Mission accomplished.

We got back into the park to take in some pickleball with Tom and Laura. Then a quick dip in the resort pool before showering off for a bike ride into town.

You literally make a right hand turn out of the resort, and just under 2 miles is the center of Moab with eclectic shops and eateries. You guessed it – we found a bar for a draft beer and checked out a couple t-shirt shops and western wear boutiques. Laura and I did declare the southwestern jewelry and offerings were better priced in Moab than Santa Fe.

Dinner was booked at The Sunset Grill which sits atop one of the canyons overlooking town.

It was Mike’s birthday, so we really wanted the perfect table outside. It was just too hot - 101 degrees to be exact - to enjoy patio dining. We found a table inside with a view and enjoyed a nice meal and wine. Happy Birthday Mike! Back to the park for cake!

Before departing from Moab, we enjoyed coffee on our patio where we did get to meet the owner of the park. He was out feeding the fish he had stocked in the pond in front of our lot.

You know I had to ask, why no Dobermans? He smiled, and said their block against aggressive breeds was an insurance request. I guess it’s a Utah thing and getting more and more stringent with guests that find any reason to sue a park and or it’s owners.

So as much as we enjoyed Moab and Portal RV – we can’t return because I’m not getting rid of my assumed “aggressive breed.” I felt bad that we put them in that position, so I am not complaining, but warning anyone who would want to visit of their rule and the reason for it.

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