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Pool Playin Fool

Did you know Mike Skinner originally wanted to become a professional billiards player? Yep... His mom owned a tavern in Susanville, CA and Mike was called in as a young child to "play" the customers! When his mom needed to keep customers drinking and playing, she'd have "lil Mike" come into the tavern and challenge the best players in the area - and Skinner would school 'em! The customers would keep paying to play him again - and mom made money! Smart business woman!

Now....I am NOT supposed to give up that he can shoot a mean game still in his 60's, but most everyone knows NOT to bet Skinner on the pool table - even Tony Stewart learned that lesson ( a few times... ). You may ask WHY did he not become a pool hustling pro? He accidentally discovered late model dirt racing...and soon realized he was even better at that! paid a lil more in the end.

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