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Skinner & Geese Fly West Adventure 2023

It’s that time again! We’re plotting our Summer RV Tour. Once again, we’re due in Sturgis for the bike rally to join the Featherlite family for the annual Black Hills Bus Bash!

We opted to make it a shorter adventure this summer, because we wanted to enjoy the new cabin at Mountain Falls.

We had two main objectives for this tour… to visit Mike’s oldest son and his family in Colorado, and to make a stop in Cheyenne for the Cheyenne Days Rodeo.

We will accomplish one of those goals this trip… the family visit! We’ll miss the Cheyenne Days Rodeo by one darn day! Oh well, maybe a few cowboys will stay in town! I had also hoped to make a pit stop to visit my family in Sallisaw, Oklahoma enroute to Colorado—and of course we must stop in Nashville for a little food and music!

Then, the fun part… WHO do we invite to join us for the road trip adventure?

We lucked out this year because our dear and extremely fun friends, The Geislers – better known as “The Geese” (Goose & Emma) – were also booked to attend the Sturgis Rally!

Now, The Geese turned in their motorhome and gave up their Mountain Falls lot a couple years ago… They fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains and built their dream cabin in Cashiers.

Originally, they were just going to follow us in their regular car and find hotel rooms and KOAs with cabins, but finding places where Great Danes can stay is a tad challenging—yep, their Great Dane, Gunner, travels with them!

But, in typical Goose fashion, they decided to instead go find a new recreational vehicle, so they could enjoy the adventure in all its glamping glory! Just days before the tour’s kick off, Goose rolled up in a new fifth wheel with a truck to pull it.

We also did something that makes my anxiety kick in ……. No planning of the return trip home! Just wing it. We’ll see how long that lasts!

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