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South Dakota Sunrise!

Friday August 11

5:05 a.m. Wake-Up Call this morning…

While boondocking at The Wall you gotta get up, pour a large cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise. If you’re quiet enough, you hear the coyotes wake up with the sunrise, too. It’s still my favorite spot to “glamp” and see both a sunset and sunrise in the same spot.

I cooked up some leftover steaks from Sturgis, eggs, and gobbled up our remaining Wall Drugstore doughnuts. The perfect breakfast to fuel up before a long travel day.

By 9:00 a.m. we were back on the road heading east. Today is just a driving day with no frills or thrills. Destination: Sioux City, Nebraska.

Scenic Park Campground was available for the overnight pit stop, so we booked a spot there. Once we got settled in, we cooked up some sloppy joes, green beans, and enjoyed a large pour of red wine.

Just a few days left on our journey until we get back to Mountain Falls… I think this is the first time we didn’t race back home from Sturgis. I can tell Skinner is getting a lil’ antsy, but he is being a trooper and trying to enjoy the slow roll.

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